Teachers Day – 06th September 2013

Every year, we celebrate Teacher’s Day on 5th September to offer our salutation to Dr. Saravapalli Radhakrishnan and to showcase the respect for our teachers.

We celebrated Teacher’s day at Prajna Foundation on 6th September 2013. A well devised program was very well organized with all details looked after by the LSR volunteers. They took the responsibilities from arranging the guest list to the check list of the props.

Volunteers planned it very nicely and executed it very effectively & efficiently. They invited all the teachers, donors, trustees for the program and through the medium of a well prepared speech, they shared the origin, meaning, importance and other details about Teacher’s Day.

Children prepared poems like “A teacher is like the Spring, who nurtures new green sprouts” i.e they play a very important role in shaping up the personality of their students from childhood to adulthood. No doubt, their performance aimed to please their teachers and express their respect, warmth and affection towards them moved everyone and brought lot of joy and enjoyment to those present. Shruti Balaji (volunteer) took the lead of the team responsible for the entire program. They added exuberance and excitement in the program by some playful acts and dancing numbers.

Besides, the Teachers were also honored by presenting them with cards, flowers, pens and gifts.