LSR College -NSS Annual Function – 16th April 2013

The Annual function of the NSS was held at LSR College for Women on 16th April. Both children and students at BVK were very excited about the program.

Children get inspired by the ambience and history of the prestigious college. They get an opportunity to interact with LSR students who gladly answer their queries. It broadens their horizon and also raises their aspirations level.

It also helps the LSR volunteers to understand the limitations and the difficulties of the underprivileged sections. They become more compassionate and take good care of the basti children. This exercise automatically helps in bridging the gap of social and cultural divide and in turn reduces social tensions.

On the occasion of the Annual day celebrations of LSR College, the function consisted of a variety of well prepared cultural items such as song, dance, drama and poetry by different NGO groups. The KOSHISH volunteers from Prajna foundation performed an impressive dance sequence based on three songs amidst a great deal of widespread applause. After the performance “Project Head” Malini Kapoor distributed gifts and refreshments to the children.