Kite Making Workshop – 11th January 2013

A Kite making workshop was organized by Prajna staff and executed by the LSR volunteers at the centre. Kajal Gupta who was proficient in Arts & Craft took the lead and initiative to supervise the team for the workshop. Children were asked to bring newspapers and broomsticks from their houses and then with the help of scissors they crafted extremely beautiful kites for the children.

Thereafter the staff and children were also asked to try their hand at the same to draw out their creativity by using papers and make their own kites for the Kite Festival. All staff and volunteers were enthused with high spirits, children in particular took to the whole process of cutting, pasting, joining and other tools of kite making with a great deal of enjoyment. The overall opinion was to conduct many a workshops like this, which would tap the creativity of the children and also allow them access to unhindered joys of childhood.