Diwali Celebration at Centre (02nd November 2013)

Following the tradition of ‘tumso ma jyotirgamaye’ the Festival of Lights was initiated by making sincere efforts for lighting up the world of these less fortunate children of the slums who still find reasons to smile even in their deprived day to day life. Since the last many years, we have been celebrating Diwali in the Basti which has become a much awaited event of importance.

Like other festivals and events, the children were made to understand the origin behind the start of this Festival of Lights, it’s meaning and significance which is to move from darkness to light and spread and share the light of wisdom, love, peace and prosperity with each other to make a better society.

The children, with the help of their volunteer Didi’s very enthusiastically take part in the preparations of the festival. They put up the traditional Lantern which is self made by them, they also make beautiful and colourful rangoli  which looks like the eye catching imprint of an artist and are decorated with diyas, candles and flowers.

With the onset of darkness as soon as we all light up the diyas and candles, the whole place comes alive not only with the brightness of the diyas or string of colourful lights all around but also with the energy of the children. Sweets, candles and sparklers are distributed to them and sharing the immense joy that their face radiates is a sight to behold.

Together, everyone celebrates the occasion lighting up anar, charkhi and phuljhari with a wholesome experience as these little angels help us realize the joy of sharing, the need to be grateful and the real essence of the festival of Deepawali.