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For 26 years the Prajna Foundation has been providing the children of New Delhi’s slums with the tools to escape the cycle of poverty and expose them to the things that make life more than just survival. More than 50% of Delhi’s children residents of slum neighborhoods. Our mission has only just begun.

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According to the India Direcotorate of Economics and Statistics a slum is defined as “a compact settlement of at least 20 households with a collection of poorly built tenements, mostly of temporary nature, crowded together usually with inadequate sanitary and drinking water facilities in unhygienic conditions.” Only 33% of slums have any latrine system at all, less than 30% had any local garbage pick-up, and 86.5% of slum areas use tap or hand pump as the primary source of drinking water. Only 4% of the slums have any kind of organization (formal or informal) working for improvement of life conditions. 52% of Delhi’s population lives in the slums. That is 52% of Delhi’s future. Lets create a generation that changes these statistics. 

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